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Our Patient Testimonials

We love helping our patient feel the best they can. We believe that a dedicated caring PT staff makes a true difference in the overall quality of service. The Center for Physical Health team work individually with you the patient to help regain the independence and wellness you desire. Our patients are happy to share their stories of recovery, improved wellness and athletic achievements.

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Amanda F.

Amanda F.

The Center for Physical Health has been such a great addition to my training regiment. Not only have they been instrumental in my recovery from injury, but also to changing my mechanics to help prevent injury. They use a whole body and wellness approach to helping their patient activities. They are also very attentive and fit me in at the last minute. Without their expertise I would not be able to compete at the level I do.

lori h

Lori H

I am to the point that I just need maintenance every couple of months, which is amazing from where I started. Last summer (less than a year ago) I was giving up on ever feeling “normal” again. I couldn’t even sit or stand or do anything for more than 15 minutes without pain, let alone any activities. Prior to coming to The Center for Physical Health I was having up to 20 severe muscle spasms occurring in my back on a daily basis. Now, I may experience one here and there but I am doing yoga, walking, and other activities that I only dreamed of before seeing Marybeth.

Jeff B.

Jeff B.

I first came to see Marybeth as a referral from a friend that was very happy with his experience. I am and have always been a terrible stretcher before and after long runs. Because of this I am not the most flexible and decided to seek help prior to my last marathon. Well, I am happy to report due in part to Mary Beth’s expertise and commitment to stretching me while correcting some of my bad habits that I recently ran a PR at the Steamtown marathon in Scranton, PA. I will continue to refer the Center for Physical Health to my fellow running friends.

Albin D.

Albin D.

I came here due to my wife's involvement with the Tri Club. Wrist was broken on Christmas Eve while riding a 4 wheeler. Wrist was in a cast for several weeks. Once removed, Dr. Jameson recommended Therapy. The wrist was extremely painful with very limited movement. The GREAT job of 1 Marybeth did to get me back on track using my right hand was greatly appreciated! I can now perform most of the activities I used to do. I would highly recommend The Center for Physical Health.

Ryan Muransky

Ryan M.

I had ruptured my patellar tendon from my knee cap earlier in life. Throughout the years arthritis & tendonitis set in to the point that it was very difficult to participate in activities that I greatly enjoyed. (Tennis, Running, Biking, etc.) My doctor advised me to take it easy on many of the activities due to the deterioration of the meniscus. I was becoming frustrated with the sedentary life style. A friend suggested that I check out The Center for Physical Health. Within short period of time, Marybeth had the tendonitis calmed own which enable me to work on developing the strength back into the leg. The Center for Physical Health enabled me to get back to enjoying competitive sports that I thought were a thing of the past. I felt that the team truly cared about me making the progress that was needed to become active once again. I appreciated their efforts and would recommend them to anyone.

Steph R.

In April of 2017, I had broken my ankle while visiting family in Youngstown, Ohio. The next month, I quit my temporary job to remain in Ohio for surgery, followed by physical therapy with Marybeth at The Center for Physical Health. I was unable to stand, walk or drive as I was either on crutches or bound to a wheelchair.Five weeks post-surgery, I began therapy and instantly saw improvement in my mobility. Soon, I was weaned off crutches and walking short distances. After five weeks of physical therapy, I was walking, cycling, doing lounges, and completing obstacle courses in the parking lot. I had also mastered stairs, something that was very difficult for me. Marybeth was very aggressive with me, and I progressed at a much faster rate than I would have had I gone elsewhere. I have since moved back to Saint Augustine, Florida, raising and training American Alligators, where I will continue my therapy. I am certain I would not be as far along in my recovery if it was not for Marybeth and her team. I hope to never need physical therapy again but if I do, I will only see the ladies at The Center for Physical Health.

Bayley L.

Bayley L.

We had Fun!!!! I did obstacle courses. Did lots of jumping and lots of walking on my toes, I am not falling like I did before I started therapy. I loved coming to Center for Physical Health.

Jan D.

Before coming to The Center for Physical Health, I had constant back pain for about 6-8 months. I thought I would just have to live with this pain for the rest of my life. I am an active person; I love to swim and bike, and I enjoy yoga & Pilates classes at the Y. So I decided I needed to leave how to manage my chronic back problems and improve my health. Within 2 sessions of seeing Marybeth, my back pain was relieved. I knew I still had to be careful, but at least I had relief. It's such a wonderful feeling when you finally get relief from a constant pain that you were living with every day. I have exercises and stretches that I will do for the rest of my life. And if the need arises when I have to come back to therapy... I will not hesitate to do so. And this time I won't wait as long. Marybeth works one on one with you, unlike other physical therapy facilities that I have been to. This must be the key to better physical health. Thank you, Marybeth!

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